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Energy sector of Ukraine while meets requirement through  hydro powers,  conventional and renewable energies, the significant part of  the country’s demand relays on nuclear power that, on the average static scale,  makes country different  from many other  nations  of the world.  

Most of all type energy plants were built in Soviet time and at present needs modernization.

The renewable energy accounts for  1%  of country’s entire energy market with following  ratio: 0,71%-wind power;  0,29%-solar energy; 0,15 - small hydro powers and 0,06%- biogas.

Also, Ukraine is one of the leader countries with it energy intensity share in GDP.

Raising public  awareness on the sustainable use of natural and energy resources, energy saving and energy efficiency from the school-age period is an issue of  paramount importance to the country with such economic profile.

Join us! Together, we will create energy independence , safer and cleaner future for Ukraine and all of us !