Training on facilitation for SPARE ENERGY HUB teachers held in Kyiv

Training on facilitation for SPARE ENERGY HUB teachers held in Kyiv

Оn 3-4 of November training on facilitation for SPARE ENERGY HUB teachers was held in Kyiv

How teachers can be a facilitators of the educational process? What is the difference between teacher-lecturer and teacher-facilitator? What facilitation methods are and how it can be used during teaching process, specifically on energy efficiency and climate change issues? The training was devoted to this issues.

The open questions method, role-playing, simulation, quests, brainstorming: all of these have been tested by teachers during the training.

Oksana Styozhka, Deputy Director of Dniprovokam'yanskу school, from Dnipropetrovsk region told: "During 2 days of the training I get a lot of new knowledges and skills; we discussed who is the moderator, tutor, coach, mentor, and what is the difference between them. I discovered a new forms of work, such as forum theater and world cafe. It was very interesting because we tested all this new ways of working by yourselves. Of course, I will implement all of this in my school and plan to share experiences at the regional level. "

The aim of all-Ukrainian program SPARE ENERGY HUB - to create the schools hubs on climate change and energy efficiency іn a different parts of Ukraine.


The goal of the SPARE project  - integration of climate change and energy efficiency issues into school curriculum.

As a result of the first stage of the SPARE ENERGY HUB program, teachers developed lessons with integration climate change and energy efficiency issues in their academic subject and will  test it, using the knowledge gained during the training.

By the SPARE energy saving day teachers will held training about climate change and energy efficiency for other teachers in their school and in this way find like-minded сolleagues. And then, together with the school team will conduct project days.

"Understanding the climate change is highly dependent on the teacher's faith that the climate is changing because of the human activities. Therefore, we pay much attention to the work with teachers in this area. Also very important aspect during our trainings is communication between teachers from different regions. Given the difficult political situation in our country, it is very important! "- said Kate Miroshnichenko, SPARE project coordinator in Ukraine.

"During the training, I met like-minded colleagues who interested in the problem of climate change issues in school. Therefore, such trainings impowering me to change the world for better, "- says Elena Zastavnyuk teacher and methodologist from Slavutych, Kyiv region.

Author: Olha Lavryk

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