The  mounth of energy saving activities held in SPARE schools

The mounth of energy saving activities held in SPARE schools

Trainings, lessons, flash mobs and other events, dedicated to International energy saving Day, held in Ukrainian SPARE schools beginning from 11 of November.

Teachers - SPARE curators told about how it was:

"On 18 of November I, as a teacher-coordinator of SPARE ENERGY HUB program, organized training for teachers in our school, which was dedicated to the integration of energy efficiency and climate change issues to the educational process. Together with other teachers we formed a team for the future implementation of the eco-school project and to generated many ideas for a SPARE project days. I presented the goal of SPARE ENERGY HUB program to my colleagues and we discussed the importance of facilitation skills in teaching energy saving themes. We had a good time and played a games during the training" - shared Olga Kurtova-Onikiyenko, SPARE-teacher from Shostka, Sumy region: also in November 11 our researching class analyzed energy consumption using modern gadgets. The students used  mobile phones and  Plugmee online calculator. As a result was compiled  rating of devices depending on their energy consumption. Students also made a practical recommendations for the energy conservation in school. 

Marjana Bondar, teacher of ecology and physics from Lviv School "Nadiya" together with the teacher of the Ukrainian language Marjana Yatsenko held integrated lesson on ecology and  Ukrainian language in 5th grade on the topic "Basics of energy saving". Teacher from Poland, who teaching Ukrainian language in Polish schools and are the participants of the conference "Latest trends in teaching"  visited the lesson and were pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity of teachers and students activity.

VPU №7 of Kremenchug celebrated the International Day of energy saving for 2 weeks! During this time, the flashmob "Environmental education for sustainable development"  was organized. "The energy race" quest, exhibition of products from recycled materials, eco-competition of social advertising, and many other activities and lessons were held within the flashmob.

Video from this activities  Julia Haychina, curator of the SPARE project, teacher of energy saving, published on the youtube channel

Igor Kovtun, curator of the SPARE project in Berezovsky NVK held lessons on "Waste sorting" and even published a banner with the SPARE logo!

Primary students from Rakhiv city colored energy smiles. During coloring children discussed ways to save energy. This action for youngest students organized a teacher Oksana Turok.

Tamara Gazda, curator of the SPARE project from Khmelnitsky city organized a hole school project, which is called #eko_me. Each class received interactive task, and shoul answer the question "Where energy in school disappears?"  Within the energy saving month of presentation of the project, and especially pleased with all the beauty contest bumagoedov.

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