The Day of Energy Saving 2015

The Day of Energy Saving 2015

Іncredible! More than 6,000 students all over Ukraine joined to celebration of the International Day of Energy Saving and "baked" a unique energy pies!

This year, the SPARE - Ukraine decided to celebrate  Day of Energy Saving  in a creative way and invited students and teachers to "bake" festive cake, but not simple and energy!

According to the "recipe" cake was divided into four parts, one - the problem of irrational use of resources in schools, the second - solutions from students, the third - what students are willing to do by themselves and the last - what kind of assistance they needed.

The organizers received more than 300 bright pictures of pies and they were very different but all beautiful.

"School Energy Saving cake" - is more than a campaign. It is an indicator of ecological consciousness of the Ukrainian youth", - sad Olga Lavryk, the head of "Sweet Osvit" NGO, SPARE-Ukraine coordinator.

Seen By 1205 People