SPARE ENERGY HUB program started

SPARE ENERGY HUB program started

SPARE ENERGY HUB program is designed for 2-year activity 20016-20018 with ambitious plan to cover whole territory of Ukraine.  

On 15-16 April, 2016  Kyiv hosted the first training of SPARE ENERGY HUB program for school  teachers. The goal of the program is to create a hub-schools as an educational centers to raise awareness on energy efficiency,  climate change, climate mitigation and the related issues.

26 teachers from all regions of Ukraine gathered in the art space Port creative hub to share experience and develop a joint action plan to achieve program objectives.

Vasily Podzizey – director of public school in the of  village of Boobnov of  Volin region underlined that energy efficiency and climate change are among the most topical issues of our time.  Information sharing and acquaintance  with  the global best practices are of high importance to us to be able to  respond energy and climate change challenges, and in this  regard SPARE ENERGY HUB provides a real opportunity.  SPARE ENERGY HUB puts focus on introducing energy efficiency, climate change and the related themes into the school programs.

Tamara Gazda,  deputy head on educational work and a teacher of Ukraine and English  languages of N13 public school of the city Khmelnytskyi expressed her willingness to learn energy efficiency and  climate change related thematic issues, and  the teaching methodology.  She underlined that teaching of those themes is very important to foster new generation with ecofriendly skills, respecting rational use of natural and energy resources of the country.  

On the first training the SPARE ENERGY HUB introduced the program’s goal and objectives,  and the joint action plan was outlined.

The principal achievement of two-day training was a coherence of various topics as a common vision.

The 1st stage of the program puts focus on integration of energy efficiency and climate change  issues into educational process. Teachers have to incorporate climate change and energy efficiency themes in various subjects, and conduct lessens showing the linkages between human wellbeing and the ecosystems well-functioning  that is achievable only through sustainable use of natural and energy resources.

The 2nd stage of the program is to develop course for Training of Trainers (ToT) to establish network of the trained teachers/staff capable of  providing trainings further on, and to contribute to maximum coverage of the country.

The 3rd stage as a final phase of the program is  Project Management course as a sustainable component of the program providing capacity building of schools  for making realistic to manage projects independently in future.

Ukraine is a member of SPARE  Family that operates programs in 11 countries and brings together 3000000 school children from more than 5000 schools.

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